With the publication of ECC Decision (15)05 Europe finally gets a Pseudo-UHF CB Radio system on 446MHz.

Previously PMR446 only had 8 analogue channels but the new specification allows for 16 analogue channels:

For digital users there is now a choice of wither 16 or 32 channels:

It is now just up to individual governments to approve the changes in the relevant countries. You can see the latest information regarding which countries have implemented the changes here: LINK

Link to Document: CLICK HERE

The original decision was made in 2015: http://delboyonline.blogspot.co.uk/2...d-digital.html but it's only now that some countries have adopted the changes.

As far as the UK is concerned The latest version of the 'UK Interface Requirement' which governs the use of PMR446 radio in the UK states January 2018 as the proposed introduction date for the digital changes so I would expect the analogue changes to take place on the same date...

Further Information:
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